Convenient, timesaving and professional – that's PAXI.

[paxi] is an online-based software for optimising administrative processes in participant and guest management systems. In addition to an individualised event website, professional invitation mailings and smooth accreditation, [paxi] provides detailed statistics to keep the success of the event in view at any time.

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Every event and every guest is different. For a successful partic­i­pant manage­ment, both the needs of the organ­isers and the guests should be taken into account. With [paxi] this can be achieved without any effort.

The success of an event is largely based on partic­i­pant manage­ment. There­fore, smooth commu­ni­ca­tion is essen­tial. [paxi] takes over this task in addi­tion to the exploita­tion of infor­ma­tion. [paxi] is a perfect symbiosis of a high tech­nical stan­dard and well-trained staff. As a result, [paxi] is a perfect tool for all forms of partic­i­pa­tion manage­ment and any kind of event format.

Years of expe­ri­ence in the event industry and partic­i­pant manage­ment as well as an in-house, web-based and there­fore mobile partic­i­pant manage­ment system make Vagedes & Schmid the perfect partner for your event.

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