More than just a pretty façade: We create experiential spaces.

Brand architecture means staging encounters between people and brands in space and time. Architecture, design, communication, media and stand construction combine to create an exciting overall picture. Whether it be exhibits, interactions, three-dimensional communication or brand environments, we take over the entire management.

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CASE STUDY – Hanover Fair

At the Hanover Fair 2014, the booth of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, showcased a wide range of innovative industrial products and facilities. Medium-sized businesses and industrial enterprises guarantee growth and employment in Germany. It is therefore necessary to safeguard their innovative capability. The ministry supports innovation and the implementation of research projects through transfer of technology, initiatives, promotional programmes and networks. In keeping with the motto “Industry 4.0 - Future of Business”, around 20 companies and institutions demonstrated the impressive innovative strength of SME at the stand of the ministry. The visitors discovered the various possibilities of digital technologies and the Internet for industrial production. The intelligence of systems is the measure of things and marks the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Industry 4.0.