Measure us by our performance.

We are VAGEDES & SCHMID – we make sure that you achieve your objectives. We design creative, intelligent and compelling experiences that effectively draw attention to your brand. From the offer via the invitation management to the evaluation, we offer a one-stop solution.

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We are an independent agency, led by experienced specialists.

35 experts for experiences.

We are thinkers, consul­tants, concept devel­opers, copy­writers, designers, graphic artists, plan­ners, direc­tors, imple­menters and program­mers. We work for you and your customers. That is why we repre­sent your inter­ests. Once we are convinced of an idea, we are fully committed to it.

Challenge us.

Giving the gift of an expe­ri­ence does not mean distrib­uting vouchers.

Trust us.

Many people think they are able to touch people with expe­ri­ences – but only a few succeed. We have demon­strated this for more than 25 years. Invest in us. Our work is your success. We take respon­si­bility for the project and the result.


We are no suppliers.

With a well-estab­lished network of strong part­ners we guar­antee the best results.


Qual­i­fied junior staff is partic­u­larly impor­tant for us. As a partner of the Study Insti­tute for Commu­ni­ca­tion we promote the training of young people in the field of live commu­ni­ca­tions.

Protec­tion of the envi­ron­ment is a central issue in all our activ­i­ties. There­fore, we offer carbon offsets in order to organise climate-neutral events.

As a member of the FAMAB Asso­ci­a­tion of Direct Busi­ness Commu­ni­ca­tion we assume active respon­si­bility for quality assur­ance and evolu­tion of the event industry.